Veterinary Drug Fluralaner CAS: 864731-61-3

Feladva: 2022-10-08   |   Hirdetés kódja: 53563
Veterinary Drug Fluralaner CAS:864731-61-3

Product Name Fluralaner
CAS 864731-61-3
MF C22H17Cl2F6N3O3
MW 556.29
EINECS 689-035-6
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Fluralaner works primarily by interfering with GABA-gated chloride channels, similar to the targets of insecticides such as cyclopentadienes, phenylpyrazoles, and macrolides. Fluralaner is a broad-spectrum insecticide with good insecticidal activity against pests such as ticks, fleas, lice, hemiptera and diptera, and its virulence is higher than or comparable to commonly used insecticides . Fluralaner not only has no significant cross-resistance with existing insecticides, but also has good insecticidal activity against some resistant pests.

Ára: 1.300,- Ft

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